A Dialogue: 2001–Present
Fall 2021
"He who is faithful; He will surely do it."–Thessalonians 5:24

God is faithful. He has been present throughout my entire life, and this video highlights how the hand of God has never left my side. Through collecting audio interviews with people who knew me at various points in my life and compiling pictures of my past, I was able to form this narrative that shows the faithfulness of God. 
Tools: Adobe Premiere
Skills: Storytelling, Typography, Visual Design
Team: Individual
Final Video
Stories can be used powerfully to touch souls. 
This ​​​​​​​video was made in a class where my class was prompted to create a form of publication about a topic of our choice. 
I believe stories that are personal and shared from the heart has the ability to touch souls and have impact. That is what I wanted to share through my publication: my story and how God has met me in my life. 

Feel free to ask me more about my process!