Design Hero: Mobile Experience
3 weeks, Spring 2021
A mobile experience designed to educate users about my design hero's work through delightful visual interactions. 
This mobile experience was made to educate users about my design hero, Jessica Walsh, primarily through fun interactive elements and delightful visuals. Following the common visual motif of the ampersand in this project series, I also hoped to display the information in a way that would be fun and engaging when uncovered.
Tools: Figma
Skills: UI/UX Design, Rapid Prototyping
Team: Individual
01. Site Mapping 
Starting off with the mobile experience, the challenge was figuring out how to organize the information. I started off by deciding on the different categories I wanted in my mobile experience and what specific part of my research would fall into each section. ​​​​​​​
02. Early Iterations
A major component of the mobile experience that I wanted to advantage of was the scrolling aspect and the continuous display of information.
Unlike print the mobile experience has the ability to allow users to take control in how they uncover information in a delightful way. The control is in the user's fingers, in what they click and how fast they scroll through the information. 
The challenge was figuring out how to organize the information that can be uncovered in a fun and engaging way.  I wanted to keep the visual motif of the ampersand in my experience and use the negative space as buttons that can be expanded when touched. However, I also needed to keep the information clear enough that would be able to be digested easily on a small screen. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
03. Final Iteration
Here are some clips of my final iteration! Because Jessica Walsh's work is already so bold and colorful, my mobile experience ended up being super flashy and eye-catching.​​​​​​​