Hellosaurus Design Internship 2021
7months, Feb. 2021 – Aug. 2021
Hellosaurus is an interactive story platform, where children can watch videos from various creators and interact with it. 

During my time at Hellosaurus, I assisted in making user generated content for social media platforms, created a customizable system for the dinosaur logo, helped the transition process into a new branding system, and lastly learned how to work with both production and design to create anticipation. 
Manager: Zack Davenport
Skills: Branding, Systems Thinking, Rapid Prototyping, Collaboration
01. Built Engagement on Social Media Platforms
01. User Generated Content
During my internship, Hellosaurus took part in an exciting collaboration with The Wiggles. Leading up to the release date, I helped to build excitement and anticipation for the new content on Hellosaurus through various instagram posts. Here are few of the ones I created. 
Currently still trying to compile the work I did at Hellosaurus. Feel free to ask me what I did here during my internship! :)