The Future of Love
Spring 2021

As humans, we all desire intimacy. 
A desire for justice, affection, and emotions are a huge part of our lives as they were 100 years ago. This desire humans have for intimacy will still be the same in the future. A video made with found footage in a narrative class at Carnegie Mellon University. 
Tools: Adobe Premiere
Skills: Storytelling, Typography, Visual Design, Audio Design
Team: Individual
How will the expression of love change in the next 50 years? Will it ever change?
The prompt for this project was to think about one aspect of the future and explore how it might change within the next 50 years. However, while the future is always associated with change, some things simply do not change. 
The topic I explored was the idea of human desire of intimacy and how it will not change. Through multiple interviews with my friends, I was able to make this video that intended to capture how humans will always be longing for something and/or for someone to fill the hole in our heart. ​​​​​​​