Serifa Exploration
A study of the typeface, "Serifa," through the making of an informative spread and fun animation!
fall 2020
Rapunzel's Box
A COVID-19 subscription box, allowing individuals to receive essential items and alleviate their stress safely, one box at a time.
summer 2020
Winner's Circle
Brand identity development for an urban/sportswear company planned to launch in spring 2021.
summer 2020
A series of graphics that express various poetry through visual means, with special attention to rhythm and meaning
The Obesity Epidemic
A collaborative project mapping out the complexity of obesity in America through visual language.
spring 2020
The C Alphabet
Typography inspired by the repeating shapes found in cosmetic packaging. Inspired from a previous installation project.
The Humpback Whale: pt2+3
Hand-cut paper animation and a 11"x17" poster of the Humpback Whale informing viewers of its endangerment status.
spring 2020
The Humpback Whale: pt1
The Humpback Whale made with reclaimed plastic with a focus on interactions.
spring 2020
Drawings and Explorations
Drawing is a big part of my design process. Check out some of the pages filled with explorations and idea development straight from my sketchbook!
fall 2019-Present
Lighting Engines
Paper lighting engine designed for reading in bed.
fall 2019
A sculpture focusing on texture and pattern of an orange. Enlarged to create a surrealistic experience.